AGC houses one of the advanced IT infrastructures to support its operation all over Pakistan. It is completely process driven and covers end to end processes including entire field force operations. AGC’s field force operatives are equipped with hand held devices which allows AGC to record the order and confirm the delivery of your product on real time basis. With the help of GPS and GPRS enabled technology, AGC sets all eyes on your product when it’s on the more until it reaches its designated destination.

AGC’s financial and inventory management system is powered by JD Edwards’s enterprise application, which is globally renowned for its extensive industry coverage.

AGC operations are completely integrated through MIS. Having our operations streamlined helps us to analyze business information separately in detail on real time basis. We provide access of our online module to our clients, where they can monitor the movement of their product and generate reports and analysis based on various categories like forecasting, demand analysis, sales analysis etc.

With AGC your company’s length is enhanced to cover country wide logistics and distribution, with 360 degrees coverage from warehousing, order processing, delivery, forecasting, demand analysis and marketing.

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