Safety, Environment, Quality & Regulatory Affairs

With global business comes global responsibility. Therefore AG&C’s Business Unit Performance Materials has formed an independent team of dedicated specialists that assures safety and compliance and supports our business partners in ever more complex regulatory matters.

What AG&C can do for you

As part of the AG&C Business Unit Performance Materials our Safety, Environment, Quality & Regulatory Affairs experts are an integral part of the AG&C Market Expansion Services package, handling compliance, registration, and documentation for customers and suppliers. Part of this is our special competency center for the European REACH regulation which, along with our many other Compliance Competence Centers all around the world, provides effective support for our business partners.

Our Safety, Environment, Quality & Regulatory Affairs services at a glance

SHE (Safety, Health, and Environment)

  • Safety audits/inspections
  • Classifications and labelling
  • SDS (Safety Data Sheet)
  • GHS support (Global Harmonized System)

QA (Quality Assurance)

  • Quality audits
  • Quality pre-audit
  • Claim management

REG (Registrations)

  • REACH services
  • Regulatory strategies and implementation
  • Registration management

Experts and specialists meeting your business needs

Safety, the protection of the environment as well as quality and regulatory compliance are our top priorities at AG&C. Our dedicated global Safety, Environment, Quality & Regulatory Affairs team of experts delivers professional risk assessments and guarantees compliance with safety regulations for manufacturing, transport, warehousing, and handling of any chemical compound. We set standards for global safety concepts with our specialized safety officers while supporting our business partners in all compliance matters as well as handling product registration along with any and all required documentation. We also have the expertise to conduct supplier auditing and certification and possess all necessary in-house quality control capabilities.

AG&C Research competency a competitive advance

On June 1, 2007, new chemicals regulation took effect that fundamentally changed chemical control in the EU. We need joint actions, both from regulatory affairs and the business side and a proactive way of dealing with those challenges. Critical factors are business- driven decisions combined with regulatory expertise. However, the cumulated deep industry knowledge of our REACH experts and the leverage of our global AG&C networks have already proven to be a real competitive advantage for everyone affected by the legislation.

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