Marketing and Sales

Ali Gohar Offers marketing and sales services for its business partners with key brands assigned to specific managers. Brand managers are responsible for all areas of the marketing mix for their respective brands.

We sell a huge assortment of brands and categories making sales the strength and muscle of our business. Committed to superior customer services and the highest quality product mix, we offer our an opportunity to expand their brands with effective sales and marketing.

A team of experienced sales representatives, who together have wealth of experienced sales and marketing managers and other key personnel to ensure quality customer service in their specific areas.

Working hand in hand, we offer marketing, sales and distribition services with our sales and distribution team, building lasting relationship with our partners creating a dynamic system to achive maximum sales growth.

In order to be the best, we recruit best. Our pepole are of the highest caliber, while we encourage on the job developement of our people. Our developement and training programmes are designed to constantly educate and keep our employees in touch with the latest market trends.

We are proud to lead the path as a distributor going an extra mile...

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