AG&C’s Business Unit Healthcare is the leading partner for healthcare companies seeking to grow their business in Asia, offering a wide range of Market Expansion Services from product registration, marketing and sales to physical distribution. We offer ethical pharmaceuticals, consumer health, over-the-counter (OTC), as well as medical devices and deliver these products to multiple professional healthcare outlets through hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, drugstores, dentists, optical outlets, and more.

At AG&C Healthcare, we understand that one size doesn’t fit every situation. With our deep industry expertise and broad local knowledge, we can develop customized and integrated solutions for your business success, just about anywhere in Asia. More than 260 clients and 150,000 purchasing and decision-making customers have already chosen us to support and represent them through our powerful network.

We serve you through the following Business Segments:

  • Medical Devices
  • Over-the counter (OTC) & Consumer Health
  • Pharmaceuticals

Are you seeking to license out products in the Asian markets? We have established ourselves as a proven partner through our Medinova business based in Switzerland and Asia. Do you want to outsource your manufacturing needs? Our manufacturing facility in Thailand, OLIC, allows you to fully focus on your core competencies.

With Business Unit Healthcare, you gain access to more than 7,000 results-oriented experts and can team up with Asia’s largest sales force. We deliver excellence in healthcare out of 109 locations across 11 countries, including Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and more.

What AG&C can do for you

Grow your healthcare business with our Market Expansion Services. We offer product registration, marketing, sales, and physical distribution. Expect an unmatched integrated services capability in the healthcare channels thanks to our leading marketing and sales capabilities, supported by regulatory affairs, customer care centers, 15 state-of-the-art GMP-compliant distribution centers, and leading-edge IT infrastructure.

Our services at a glance

Product registration and regulatory services
AG&C Innoreg

Registration services in Asia for pharmaceutical, bio-chemical, and over-the-counter (OTC) products, medical devices, health food, and cosmetics.

Marketing and sales
We make your brand well-known in our markets

We offer market research, product management, channel management, category management, order tracking and processing, stock reporting and planning, brand building, public relations, promotion management, merchandising, market feedback, and more.

Distribution and logistics
Use our state-of-the-art distribution services for your products

We provide GMP-quality distribution services for the segments health care, pharma, medical, over-the-counter (OTC), medical devices, and more.

Business solutions
Keep your sales force ahead of the competition with EchoPlus

EchoPlus business solutions are cutting edge tools for sales force effectiveness, customer relationship management, consignment inventory management and merchandising management developed by AG&C's Corporate Shared Services Center (CSSC) with insights from healthcare professionals from the pharma, OTC, consumer health, and medical devices industries

Manufacturing service
OLIC: you can outsource your manufacturing needs with us

AG&C Healthcare's full-service manufacturing facility, OLIC, produces an extensive range of ethical and OTC medicine in all standard formats. Combined with our support across the entire value chain, OLIC offers unparalleled Market Expansion Services to partners seeking to outsource their manufacturing needs for Thailand and for export throughout the world.

Facts and figures

Total sales (2009) CHF 3,135 million
Number of specialists 7,000
Network 109 locations in 11 countries
Business partners 260 clients and 150,000 customers
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