Our Business Segment Food Services & Hotel Supplies caters to the rapidly growing hospitality industry. For top quality imported semi-finished gourmet pastry ingredients, chocolates, dairy products, frozen fruit puree, tea and coffee, and many other food related products, we provide marketing, sales, and distribution services. To suit market demands of restaurants, hotels, and other catering providers we constantly refine our product offering. With unrivalled distribution networks in China and Hong Kong and facilities in over 25 Asian key cities, we have the scale and leverage to grow your business while ensuring maximum cost-efficiency. While asking the right questions and relying on our deep industry expertise, AG&C offers you the confidence and convenience to expand your business.

In addition, we launched the first-of-its-kind marketing and loyalty program in the region’s hospitality industry, Club Gourmet. Expect innovative approaches that prepare the stage for your products!

What AG&C can do for you

  • 44 food services specialists provide you with local market expertise
  • One-stop service that includes marketing, sales, and logistics
  • Our temperature controlled warehouse ensures quality of your products
  • In-house chef patissier at Gourmet Academy in Hong Kong and Shanghai provides product training and demonstration
  • Club Gourmet loyalty program for our supporting customers
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