Brush Industry

Companies wishing to expand in the brush industry now team up with AG&C Business Unit Performance Materials. Following the 2008 acquisition of DESCO von Schulthess AG, we occupy a leading position in the industry. AG&C brush specialists source and supply a wide range of materials for the brush industry, including raw materials for brush manufacturing, machines, and paintbrush components.

What AG&C can do for you

Looking for the right raw materials? Need a suitable supplier? With our long-standing business contacts and strategic market insight, AG&C can develop new and alternative sources for innovative ingredients that help drive your success. Thanks to our powerful network we have instant access to over 70 markets to locate the most suitable supplier for your needs and provide tailor-made materials for your high-end applications. Let our enviable team of experts put to work their expertise and know-how to develop novel ideas and breakthrough products for you.

Do you want to take your products global? AG&C provides all necessary marketing and sales services for companies which lack an international sales force outside their home country. We have the capability to manage your entire supply chain, including import and export management, warehousing solutions and value-added services, such as labeling and invoicing. Our logistics service also included handling of products under special conditions.

Our services at a glance

Global sourcing
We find the most innovative materials worldwide

  • Select reliable suppliers based on factory audits and evaluation of the main qualitative and economic parameters
  • Define product specifications in compliance with sales market regulations and customer requirements, and identify and implement amendments to meet regulations
  • In-house quality control and guaranteed best practice for logistics operations
  • Negotiate the best purchasing and selling conditions

Marketing and sales
Let us bring your products to new markets

  • Develop market access strategies and turn ideas into success
  • New marketing ideas for existing ingredients in accordance with local regulations
  • Create new markets by providing new concepts and ideas for specific applications
  • Handle import regulations and regulatory affairs through close contacts with national and international regulators


  • We deliver in time, on budget and in line with your specifications
  • We deliver deep market insight and control across the entire supply chain
  • We extend to you our comprehensive industry knowledge
  • We offer an unmatched expertise in logistics processes
  • We offer just-in-time solutions for your manufacturing needs
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